Conversation between M. Silmi Kaffa and Bimasena regarding plans for the future

Bima:So Silmi can i ask you about your plans?
Silmi:Sure, ask away!
Bima:What will you do when the holidays come?
Silmi:I will go to my home town with my family in Jember, East Java
Bima:What type of vehicle will you use?
Silmi:I usaaly
Bima:So what will you do there?
Silmi:Meet with my grandmother and the rest of my family
Bima:And what other plans will you have?
Silmi:I will visit the local attraction such as Jatim Park and visit the beach
Bima:Oh so what beach you will visit?
Silmi:Well i want to go to Wati Ulo beach
Bima:With whom?
Silmi:With my family of course!
Bima:So can you describe the beach to me?
Silmi:Of course, in my eyes the beach is perfect for surfing although the tide is quite high at times and the sand is clear but the water not so much.
Bima:So do you surf there?
Silmi:Unfortunately no because i can't swim.
Bima:How unfortunate, but do you do other activities there?
Silmi:Yes i am q…
My experience

So as you know i am a student, and as you know in my previous post i was an elementary student once to be precise i was a Pribadi Bilingual Boarding School student. There i have not so many friends and acquaintances so naturally i have to work alone like completing task alone, spending break time alone, doing remedial alone, etc. When i was a sixth grader at the end of the semester we usually have a field trip to certain places, the activity we had there usually tied to teamwork, observing and communicating skill, and other positive skill so when it was announced that we were going to camp in Lembang i was naturally inclined to not join because i dislike outdoor event but being a stubborn mother my mom forced me to join she said it'll be fun and exciting i scoffed at her remark that quickly got her mad and you know how this ends.

So after i earned a 30 minute lecture from my parents i was immediately taken to my school and dropped off at the meeting point by my drive…
(In an Art Gallery in Bandung)

Alif: (observing a painting)
Bima"Hi, i noticed that you have been observing the painting"
Alif:"Oh, yes i think it is quite a masterpiece!"
Bima:"Quite so, although i think it is not exactly a masterpiece"
Alif:"Why did you think so?"
Bima:"Well i believe that in my opinion this painting has no philosophical meaning of any sort"
Alif:"oh. really i have not noticed that at all"
Bima;"By the way my name is Bimasena, what is your's?"
Alif:"I'm Alif pleasure to talk with you!"
Bima:"The feeling is mutual"
Alif:"So?, who are you exactly"
Bima:"Well i'm known as an professional art critic"
Alif:"wow so where did you study art?"
Bima:"I studied art in one of the most prestigious university out there"
Alif:"What a superb experience!"
Bima:"What bring's you here?"
Alif:"Well i'm quite inter…
Hi, you may not know me but you will soon.
It is i Bimasena Arya Wardhana you can call me as Bima/Sena/Bimasena though i prefer being called Bima, but i do not take offense in referring to the above. So you may want to know me or not but it's not an issue if you do want to know me you can look no further! feast your seeing holes or like everybody likes to call them eyes! in just reading this post you can know a little about me such as my hobby, my summary about my life, my hatred against pests, whats my favorite food, where i live, why i am such a cool guy so lets get started.

The first thing you may want to know about me is when i was born i was born in Bandung on the 9th November 2003 that puts me around 13 year old currently, i live in Jln.Setra Indah III No 17 with my parents and my sister. My favorite hobby is reading novel particularly Science Fictions or Horrors, my other hobby includes playing games, assembling miniatures, culinary, and last but not least taking care of my…